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There are 5 different services for any stream that are tailored to fit our clients’ needs


Find My Way To Canada

To learn about all of your possible pathways for immigration to Canada, you need to fill out the contact us form and a member of our team will contact you with all the steps and details on how everything works. During a consultation session, our consultant will take you on a journey, explaining all the possible pathways to immigrate to Canada along with the requirements for each pathway, the challenges you may face and our available remedies to overcome any challenges.

Hold My Hand

A tailored service to advise and guide you on specific steps of your process or application by booking a consultation slot to review your documents, and advising you on how to perfect your submission.

Premium Package

A detailed step-by-step guide for every single step in your immigration pathway, guiding you with all the details as to how to prepare documents in a proper way to save time, effort and money. This ensures that all documents are done properly from the pre-application stage, and also supplies you with all of our devoted resources and advice, such as pre-landing steps and guidance after landing, setting our clients up for success. In such a package, we are aiming to tame any challenges facing you, such as language ability, getting your license if needed in Canada, preparing you for the Canadian labour market, and more.

Standard Package

Managing your immigration journey putting every piece of the puzzle together, reviewing and verifying all documents provided from your side and submitting all needed explanations, documentation and representing you before the Government of Canada based on a signed service agreement in which we go with you through all agreed milestones to meet all timelines.

Application Review

A fresh professional look into your application before you submit it, or we can help you look at any document to review and verify that it matches Canadian law and regulations.

We are ready to tailor any other required services to serve our clients in the future once a need arises.

Agreements & Payments

Once you decide an appropriate pathway, we will sign a service agreement that includes all services requested and our role as well as client’s rights.

Initial payment is mandatory to start working on your file. Your payment is deposited into our trust/client account remaining as your balance under your name.

We get paid according to the work done which is stated in the service agreement, and we will send you a regular update on your payment as well as file progress. As a norm of the profession, please note that we are getting paid for the professional services done, not for the results.

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Reach out to schedule a consultation. From there, we will guide you through the different pathes to Canada, and assess which is the most suitable to your specific case.