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Permanent Residency

Economic Classes

There are many streams for economic classes that are running under different pathways.

Federal Express Entry:

The Federal Express Entry option is not an immigration program by itself, however it is a pool that manages four streams named Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trade, Canadian Experience Class and some Provincial Nominee Programs. Worth to mention that some of these four categories are still managed apart from the Express Entry pool system. To know more about our tailored services for Federal Express Entry pool,  please contact us.

Federal Skilled Workers (FSW):

This is one of the categories eligible for Express Entry Pool


You may be eligible to immigrate to Canada under this stream if you fit in the six selection factors for FSW and scored 67 points out of 100 points in FSW stream. To check your eligibility please contact us.

Federal Skilled Trades (FST):

This is one of the categories eligible for Express Entry Pool


Unlike the FSW stream, this stream is not based on point system, eligibility is determined by different factors such as meeting certain job requirements, employment history and being in certain job groups. To check your eligibility please contact us.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC):

This is one of the categories eligible for Express Entry Pool


The CEC is especially designed for people who can show their ability to become economically established in Canada. Mainly, Post-Graduation Stream and certain Temporary Foreign Worker Stream. To check your eligibility and how it works please contact us.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs):

This is one of the categories eligible for Express Entry Pool, however not all PNPs are managed through Federal EE pool


This is a program that allows provinces and territories to nominate foreign nationals to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Some PNPs work with Express Entry Pool, while others work apart from it with different procedures. To know more about your chances, please contact us.

Family Class

Who can be sponsored:

The family reunification pillar of immigration facilitates family reunification by permitting Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor close family members.

 The family class category includes a spouse, a common-law-partner, a conjugal partner, dependent children, parents, grandparents and their dependent children ,full or half-brothers, full or half-sisters, nephews, nieces, grandchildren (under 18, and orphaned and not married) adopted children and may be any relative in case of a lonely Canadian.

Some applications can be initiated from inside Canada or outside. To check your eligibility as a sponsor and who may be sponsored please contact us.


Every year that many Canadians adopt children to help the children obtain better lives and futures. Adoption is a complex process that includes multiple communication vehicles and several authorities with different countries all over the globe, some countries have adoption by law, and some aren’t.

The Adoption process has two main pathways either from outside Canada or from inside Canada, each process has its own challenges and processes. We will be more than happy to help you in such process, please contact us.

Business Immigration Program

This program is not managed under Express Entry Pool.

Business immigrant applicants are selected primarily on the basis on their ability to create jobs for themselves and other Canadians, there are three categories of business immigration, to know more about your chances in any of business immigration programs, you are welcomed to contact us.

Start-UP Visa Program:

This is especially designed for entrepreneurs who can present new business ideas that can attract many Canadians designated investors or business incubators to issue a letter of support, to know more about how we can help you with your business idea please contact us.

Investor Program:

There are several investor programs with carriable requirements and criteria along with business types either in new or existing business. To explore which business investor stream suits you, please contact us.

Self-Employed Person Program:

This stream is designed for self-employed people who can make a significant contribution to specified economic activities in Canada and meet a selection criteria according to a point system, based on experience in terms of time and role as well as demonstrate certain intention, and to get a pass mark of 35 points. Language is not a must in this stream. To know your chances and eligibility for this stream please contact us.

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Temporary Residency

Visitor Class: Parent/Grandparent Super Visa

This is a suitable solution allowing parents/grandparents to frequently visit their families in Canada with no obligation to meet residency requirement. Contact us for more details.

Student Class

Canada holds one of the best education systems all over the globe, with a numerous variety of colleges, institutes and universities making the selection sometimes difficult. We can help you with selecting the proper program that adds to your experience or could possibly lead to a career shift step. Studying in Canada is also a good bridging step towards the post graduate stage which may lead to permanent resident status if properly managed in all stages. In such journey we consider our clients as partners, setting them for success. To know more please Contact us.

Business Worker

Business workers are a broad category that are normally covered in two main categories.

One stream is the International Mobility Program which includes all streams of work permits applications that are LMIA-exempt under one umbrella including International Free Trade Agreement, Intra-Company Transfers, Business Visitors.

The other stream, requires LMIA and includes three main streams named High-wage positions, Low-wage positions, Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program (SAWP)

Please Contact us for more details.

Caregiver Class

Canada has had programs for the recruitment and employment of foreign caregivers for decades starting from 1980, with lots of changes on this class. Now there are several ways for caregivers that may lead to applying for permanent residency, Contact us to check your eligibility.

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Temporary Resident Permit

This is a permit that may be granted in exceptional circumstances to a person who does not meet the eligibility and/or the admissibility requirements to enter or remain temporarily in Canada, for more details please Contact us.

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Apply for Citizenship

Naturalization is the process of becoming a Canadian citizen after being a permanent resident and meeting residency obligation. Residency obligation is mainly calculated for physical presence in Canada, however there are a lot of scenarios and situations when residency outside Canada can count. To know more about your status and eligibility to apply for citizenship and to help you submitting correct application to avoid any delays, please Contact us.

Restoring Citizenship

If your Canadian citizenship was revoked or you have renounced it, in some cases you might be qualified for restoring your Canadian citizenship. To know more please Contact us.


There are several factors that govern your residency and count to it, if you need any help in that or you are facing residency questionnaire just Contact us.

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Refugee and Humanitarian Classes / In-Canada Determination System

Refugee Claimant

Millions and millions every day are facing very tough conditions in their countries that may cause harms for them based on race, religion, political opinion or being a part of a particular social group. Canada provides different grounds for protection based on the law put in place that allows Canada to accept both convention refugees and people in need of protection based on certain criteria. Refugee is not a country related matter; it is a personally related topic. If you feel that you may qualify to be a refugee, we can help you in managing your case by  Contacting us.

Refugee Sponsorship

There are five sponsor categories to sponsor recognized refugees by UNHCR, including Sponsor Agreement Holder, Constituent Group Co Sponsors, Group of five and Community Sponsor. If you are willing to sponsor a refugee, please Contact us.

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Detention Review

Foreign national or permanent residents can be detained by the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) for immigration reasons appearing before Immigration Division (ID) of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) for detention review. CBSA may detain or hold the foreign national or permanent resident according to several factors. If you face such situation, please Contact us and we will be more than happy to represent you at the detention review hearing.


Admissibility is usually assessed prior to arrival in Canada or at port of entry, however inadmissibility may arise or be discovered after the arrival of the foreign national or permanent resident which may lead to grounds form removal order.

Canada set out 11 grounds of inadmissibility that are listed below out of which the first 5 are the most serious

  • Security Risk
  • Human or International Rights Violation
  • Serious Criminality
  • Criminality
  • Organized Criminality
  • Health Grounds (Medical Inadmissibility)
  • Financial Reasons
  • Misrepresentation
  • Cessation of Refugee Protection
  • Failure to Comply with the IRPA
  • Inadmissible Family Member

We can help you overcome inadmissibility reasons according to Canadian Immigration Laws and Regulations based on in depth evaluation and assessment of your case, submitting all needed documents and attending admissibility earing before The Immigration Division once needed. Please Contact us for more details to help you with ways around your inadmissibility.

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Immigration Appeal Division

Under Canada Immigration Laws and Regulation not everyone has the right to appeal the immigration decision and not all decisions are subject to appeal process.

If you are facing unfavorable immigration decisions, we can represent you before the Immigration Appeal Division by preparing all the evidence that can help you for the appeal process. Please Contact us today so we can help you.

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Humanitarian and Compassionate

H&C applications are considered one of the resorts for some cases that are not meeting Canadian Immigration Laws and may be granted permanent residency or temporary residency and is subjected to certain discretion. H&C is always exercise discretion on a case by case basis considering the applicant’s circumstances. Authorities must be satisfied that the applicant’s compelling reasons grant an exemption from normal immigration procedures. If you need to file H&C please Contact us.

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